FANUC A20B-8200-0792 Main Board – R30iB Mate Controller


A20B-8200-0792 Main Board

***Note this item is for the Main Board ONLY and will not include Axis Control Card, CPU Card and/or SRAM Module***



Alternate Main CPU Board’s:
A20B-8200-0790 (Standard Ethernet: 1Ch)
A20B-8200-0791 (Ethernet: 2CH with Vision I/F, Force sensor I/F)
A20B-8200-0792 (Ethernet: 2CH with Vision I/F, Force sensor I/F, PMC, HDI)

Axis Control Cards include:
A20B-3300-0664 (6-Axis)
A20B-3300-0663 (12-Axis)
A20B-3300-0662 (18-Axis)
A20B-3300-0661 (24-Axis)


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