KUKA 00-114-973 KRC2 Motherboard


00-114-973 Motherboard


  • For KRC2 Controller
  • Soyo SY-7VBA133 motherboard
  • The motherboard unit is at the core of the KRC controllers PC hardware computer unit, which uses Windows 95 operating system, VxWin, and the KUKA System Software KSS.
  • High-performance Socket370 supported ATX form-factor system board.
  • Uses VIA Chipset technology and supports Socket 370 class processors.
  • Fully compatible with industry standards and adds many technical enhancements.
  • Provides the user with a very complete and convenient CPU setting environment. The CPU settings are all adjusted through the special SOYO COMBO page in the BIOS, therefore rendering the use of jumpers obsolete.


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