KUKA 00-105-903 KRC2 Super 370SBA-Motherboard


KRC2 Motherboard
SuperMicro Super370SBA
Condition: Used


ATX-Socket370-i440BX Series

Will include intel chip

The motherboard for a Kuka KR2 controller, Part # 00-105-903 is a SuperMicro 370SBA motherboard that runs the Kuka software using window 95 or XP. The motherboard is the foundation that other components such as the KVGA 2.0 Card (00-109-040) (00-128-456), Ethernet Board 00-116-626, and MFC Boards (00-108-766) are plugged in. The motherboard also houses the Cmos battery, which can be one cause of a teach pendant to not display.

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