KUKA 00-132-347 KCP2 Teach Pendant Cable Extension X19 – X19.1 – 30 Meter


KCP2 Teach Pendant X19 Cable Extension – 30 Meters
KCP2 Teach Pendant Cable Extension
KRC2ed05 Controller Teach Pendant

KUKA Part # 00-132-347

Condition: New/Used


X19 – X19.1
Length: 30 meter long cable

Part # 00-132-347 is KUKA’s KRC2 Controller teach pendant cable extension. Used to extend the reach capabilities of the KCP2 teach pendant 00-110-185 , 00-130-547 & 00-107-264. The KUKA KCP2 teach pendant cable is 30 meters long and connects x19 to x19.1.

The KUKA Teach Pendant operates KUKA KRC2ed05 robot controllers. It makes operating robots simple with operator controls and jog keys or 6-D mouse.

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