KUKA 00-216-801 KCP4 SmartPad Teach Pendant 30cm (.25m)


00-216-801 KCP4 SmartPad Teach Pendant 30cm


  • Operates all KRC4 Controllers
  • Designed to simplify the complex operating tasks to make programming easier to better help users focus on programing
  • Straight-forward with intelligent, interactive dialog increasing efficiencies.
  • Makes operating robots easy as it has simple operating controls, interface, jog keys, and 6-D mouse
  • 8.4 large touch screen display and touch keys, with a user interface that is intuitive and user friendly design
  • Lightweight for comfort and has an advanced feature to allow saving and loading configurations directly via a USB port.
  • The 6D mouse and onboard USB port provides a way to interact with the teach pendant.
  • 30cm (.25m) long cable


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