KUKA KR200 Comp
KRC2ed05 Controller
USED -Tested and in good working condition
Software Version: v5.6.10 (xp)
Capacity: 200kg
Reach: 2400 mm
Robot Weight: 1155 kg
Controller Weight: 380kg
Power requirements: 480 Volts 3 phase; 18 amps


KR200 Comp is available in the following variations:
KR200 -3 Comp : 200kg / 2400mm reach
KR200 L140 -3 Comp : 140kg / 2800mm reach


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– Work envelope
Mounting requirements/diagram
– End of arm bolt pattern
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The Kuka KR200 Comp Series robots are uniquely designed to be compact, extremely fast with a perfect combination of payload and reach. With their compact design and high dynamic performance, the KR200 comp robots are adapted explicitly to versatile handling tasks. The KR200 has a wide-ranging product spectrum, with payload capacities from 100 to 220 kg and reaches from 2,400 to 2,800 m, enabling the robot to be a suitable model for every requirement. The robots in the comp series are ideally suited to space-saving and cost-saving system concepts, as they adapt perfectly to their surroundings. Even when things get tight: the streamlined design, with minimized disruptive contours and removable forklift slots, ensures very good reachability of the workpieces, even in small cells or confined spaces.
KR200 Comp is available in the following sizes:

KR200 -3 Comp : 200 kg / 2400mm
KR200 L170 -3 Comp : 170 kg / 2400 mm
KR200 L140 -3 Comp : 140 kg / 2800mm