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FANUC A05B-2605-J165 Cable Kit for 2-Axis Positioner (flex) – 7 Meters

Kit Includes the Following Cables:

  • Power Cable
  • Pulsecoder Cable
  • Flex Cable
  • This kit contains all the external cables required to connect the controller to the 2 Axis Positioner.
  • For use with R-30iB & R-30iB Plus Controllers (“A” style cabinet).
  • Length – 7 meters

Available in the following lengths:
A05B-2607-J165 (7 meters, A-Cabinet)
A05B-2607-J166 (14 meters, A-Cabinet)
A05B-2607-J167 (20 meters, A-Cabinet)
A05B-2607-J168 (30 meters, A-Cabinet)