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FANUC A20B-2100-0770 Operator Panel PCB – RJ3iB


  • For use in Fanuc R-J3iB Controllers.
  • Located in the interior door on the Operator Panel: A05B-2452-C151
  • Connects to and supplies power for the Teach Pendant, Teach Pendant Cable, Indicator Lights, Hour Meter, 3-Mode/2-Mode Switch, Safety Board, E-stop and more.
  • Includes the steel mounting plate and supports two 1 amp fuses: A60L-0001-0046#1.0
  • Connects to Operator Panel Switch Unit PCB: A20B-1007-0850 using Ribbon Cable: A660-2001-T998


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E-Stop Button for R-J3iB: A56L-0001-0134#3B
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