Fanuc A660-2007-T307 Aux Power Cable – aiS8/12 Servo Motor


Aux Servo Power Cable


  • Cable comes in the following lengths: 7, 14, 20 or 30 Meters
  • Used with Alpha Series Servo Motors: aiS8 or aiS12
  • Used with Pulse Cable: A660-8017-T708 & Brake Cable: A660-2007-T308


Related Parts: 

Fanuc Pulse Cable: A660-8017-T708
Fanuc Brake Cable: A660-2007-T308
Fanuc aiS22/30/40 Aux Power Cable: A660-2007-T350

Fanuc 7th Axis Aux Cable Kits (for aiS8/12):

A05B-2605-J220 (7 Meters)
A05B-2605-J221 (14 Meters)
A05B-2605-J222 (20 Meters)
A05B-2605-J223 (30 Meters)

Fanuc 7th Axis Aux Cable Kits (for aiS22/30/40):

A05B-2605-J260 (7 Meters)
A05B-2605-J261 (14 Meters)
A05B-2605-J262 (20 Meters)
A05B-2605-J263 (30 Meters)

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