Fanuc A660-8017-T708 Pulse Code Cable


Pulse Code Cable

The 14 meter length Pulse Code Cable is on backorder. Orders placed before June 2nd, 2023 will ship on June 5th, 2023! The 20 and 30 meter lengths are in stock and ready to ship. Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding this product. 


  • Lengths Available: 7, 14, 20, & 30 meters
  • Used with Alpha Series Servo Motors: aiS8, aiS12, aiS22, aiS30, and/or aiS40
  • Used with Brake Cable: A660-2007-T308 and Aux Power Cable: A660-2007-T307 or A660-2007-T350


Related Parts: 

Fanuc Brake Cable: A660-2007-T308
Fanuc aiS8/12 Aux Power Cable: A660-2007-T307
Fanuc aiS22/30/40 Aux Power Cable: A660-2007-T350

Fanuc 7th Axis Aux Cable Kits (for aiS8/12):

A05B-2605-J220 (7 meters)
A05B-2605-J221 (14 meters)
A05B-2605-J222 (20 meters)
A05B-2605-J223 (30 meters)

Fanuc 7th Axis Aux Cable Kits (for aiS22/30/40):

A05B-2605-J260 (7 meters)
A05B-2605-J261 (14 meters)
A05B-2605-J262 (20 meters)
A05B-2605-J263 (30 meters)

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