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KUKA 00-182-747 KRC4 EMD Electronic Mastering Device – Robot Mastering Tool – RENTAL

This tool is available only as a RENTAL


  • EMD Mastering Device Set for KRC4 Controllers, used to master the robots zero position.
  • Every robot must be mastered so that it can move to programmed positions and be moved using Cartesian coordinates.
  • During mastering, the mechanical position and the electronic position of the robot are aligned. The electronic measuring tool sends an electronic signal to the controller.
  • If using a dial gauge, the zero position can be recognized by the abrupt reversal of the pointer. The pre mastering position makes it easier to move to the mechanical zero position.


  • Rental Fee: $350 – includes prepaid return shipping label
  • Rental Timing: 2 weeks
  • Deposit: $4,800to be held until unit is returned

Please note: If the unit is not returned within two weeks of the delivery date, a late fee of $200 per week will be deducted from the deposit.

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