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FANUC A05B-2500-C002 4-Slot Backplane W/ Fan – R30iA


  • For use in Fanuc R-J3iC and R-30iA Controllers.
  • Assembly includes:
    • Backplane PCB: A20B-2003-0830
    • x2 Fan Units: A02B-0260-C021
    • x2 Case: A230-0625-X001
    • x2 Rail: A230-0587-X008
    • x2 Cover: A230-0617-X004
  • The 4-Slot Backplane Case has 4 slots to hold the CPU Main Board: A16B-3200-0600, Power Supply Unit: A16B-2203-0910, DeviceNet PCB: A16B-2203-0930, and another option board.
  • Alternative Part #: A05B-2500-H081

This backplane (A05B-2500-C002) and backplane PCB (A20B-2003-0830) have been discontinued by Fanuc and replaced with:
4 Slot Backplane: A05B-2500-C003
Backplane PCB: A20B-2004-0040


Related Parts:
2-Slot Backplane: A05B-2500-C001
CPU Main Board: A16B-3200-0600
Power Supply Unit: A16B-2203-0910
DeviceNet PCB: A16B-2203-0930



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