Fanuc A20B-3300-0448 8-Axis Control Card


8-Axis Control Card


  • For use with Fanuc R-J3iC and R-30iA Controllers.
  • This Axis Control Card is an option that may be installed horizontally to the Main PCB for Fanuc R-30iA Controllers:
    • A16B-3200-0600 (Standard Option)
    • A16B-3200-0601 (Force Sensor Option)
  • 8-Axis
  • Alternative Part #: A05B-2500-H040


Related Parts:

R-30iA Main Board Options:
A16B-3200-0600 (Standard Option)
A16B-3200-0601 (Force Sensor Option)

CPU Card Options:
A20B-3400-0020 (SDRAM 32MB)
A20B-3400-0021 (SDRAM 64MB)

FROM/SRAM Module Options
A20B-3900-0223 (FROM 32MB/ SRAM 1MB)
A20B-3900-0224 (FROM 32MB/ SRAM 2MB)
A20B-3900-0225 (FROM 32MB/ SRAM 3MB)
A20B-3900-0226 (FROM 64MB/ SRAM 1MB)
A20B-3900-0227 (FROM 64MB/ SRAM 2MB)

Axis Control Card Options:
A20B-3300-0447 (12-Axis)
A20B-3300-0442 (16-Axis)

Other Related Parts
2-Slot Backplane: A05B-2500-C001
4-Slot Backplane: A05B-2500-C002
Power Supply Unit: A16B-2203-0910
DeviceNet PCB: A16B-2203-0930


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