Kuka KRC2ed05 Controller

Kuka KRC2ed05 (2005 edition) is Kuka’s most popular controllers. The control and power electronics are integrated in a common control cabinet which is space-saving, user-friendly and easy to service. The safety standard complies with DIN EN 775. Power is supplied to the drive motors through individual servo drive modules (KSD — KUKA Servo Drive), which in turn are powered by the KUKA Power Supply (KPS) and controlled via a digital servo-electronics Interbus (DSE–IBS). The computer unit is based on standard PC hardware with a powerful main processor, the operating systems Windows XP and VxWin, and the KUKA System Software KSS. The powerful continuous–path control system for 6 main axes and up to 2 integrated external axes (optional). With the addition of 7th and 8th axis capabilities, it allows for the robot work in conjunction with rotary tables,  linear rails and other robot motion functions.
The large number of special functions allows the simple and economical automation of the robot periphery. In addition to this, the communications of the overall system can be comprehensively accessed, allowing complete solutions to technological tasks.
– Polling and control of peripheral interface signals
– Fast and selective reaction to process events
– Logic and arithmetic operations
– Communication with external control devices
The controller is designed for point-to-point, linear and circular motions, thus covering the whole range of applications from the simplest assembly tasks to complex path processing tasks, such as:
– Assembly
– Handling
– Spot welding
– Arc welding
– Adhesive bonding
– Machine loading
– Palletizing
– Laser welding and cutting
– Deburring
– Waterjet cutting.