FANUC – Linear Rails

LR Mate Linear Rail 1

LR MATE Series

Fanuc RTU-1000 Linear Rail


Fanuc R 2000iB 125L w Linear Rail 3

R-2000/M-900 Series

Fanuc RTU-1000 Linear Rail

Gudel Rails

KUKA – Linear Rails

Kuka Robot with a Linear Rail

KL 1500 Series

KL3000 1

KL 3000

KL4000 1

KL 4000

Fanuc RTU-1000 Linear Rail

Gudel Rails


Linear Rails

A linear rail, also known as a linear track or linear axis, is an auxiliary device that enables a robot to move along a straight line, extending its reach beyond the traditional limits of its stationary base. Essentially, it’s a long rail system upon which the robot is mounted, and it allows the robot to traverse back and forth along the length of the rail. This additional degree of freedom enhances the robot’s working envelope, making it ideal for applications requiring extended reach, such as large part handling, welding, painting, or assembly in expansive industrial environments. The linear rail’s precise and smooth movement also ensures the robot’s performance remains consistent and efficient throughout its extended range.

Fanuc Linear Rails
Kuka Linear Rails

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Fanuc RTU-1000 Linear Rail