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Fanuc Auxiliary (AUX) Axis, also referred to as 7th Axis, is an external, supplementary axis or axes that can be added to Fanuc robotic systems which allows a robot to have additional degrees of motion (7th axis, 8th axis, 9th axis, etc.). It is designed to enhance a robot’s capabilities by integrating with the robots existing controller. Robots can be paired with mechanical components like Fanuc Linear Rails, Positioners, or other servo driven components enhancing a robot’s functionality and operational scope. An Auxiliary Axis is designed to function independently or in conjunction with the robot’s primary motion, offering flexible and expanded capabilities.

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Knowing what components are needed to install an AUX axis with your Fanuc robot can be challenging. At Ballard International, we’re here to help simplify this process. We have all the necessary components for a successful AUX axis installation with your robot.

Information Needed

      1. What are you looking to control?
      2. What model is the Fanuc Servo Motor?
      3. What controller Model and Type do you have?
      4. Does your Fanuc robot system have the required software?

Required Components

      1. Fanuc Software Option: “Extended Axis Control” J518
      2. Aux Axis Servo Amp Kit
      3. External Aux Cable Kit
      4. Auxiliary Component

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