KUKA KL1500 – 7th Axis Linear Rail

KUKA 7th Axis Linear Rail
Rails can be paired with KUKA 90 – 600kg payload robots

7th Axis power & date cables
Speed with rated payload: 1.45 m/s
Repeatability: <+/- 0.002mm
Mounting Position: Floor
Mass of Carriage: 400kg
Mass of rated payload: 2000kg
Mass of beam per meter: 345kg

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Linear Rail are available in the following lengths:
4 meters
5 meters
7 meters
8 meters
10 meters
12 meters
15 meters
20 meters – out of stock

Looking for a complete robot paired with a linear rail?
We can pair a robot with a rail to meet your needs.

Additional information

The KUKA KL 1500-3 is a floor mounted linear rail for high/heavy capacity robots of 90 to 600kg payloads. A linear rail allows a robot to travel in a 7th axis and increased the working area. A linear rail is ideal for linking production lines, multiple machine tending, pick and place long distances, or increasing production timing. The long travel extend the work envelope of the robot by several times the reach of the robot. Up to four robots can be operated on a single linear axis. The carriage travels smoothly on bearing rails and is powered by a KUKA servo motor. Linear rails are available in lengths of 4 meters up to 30 meters.