FANUC ArcMate 120ic
R30iA Controller
Complete Mig Welding Robot!
Available ArcMate 120iC’s in Stock: Out of Stock
Condition: USED -Tested and in good working condition
Year: 2013
Hours: 12,000+
Software: Arcmat
Includes: Lincoln Powerwave 455 weld controller, Feeder, & Torch

Key Software Option: (DCS) Dual Check Safety, Collision Guard
Capacity: 20kg
Reach: 1811mm
Robot Weight: 250kg
Click here for complete robot specs including:
Technical data
– Work envelope
– Mounting requirements/diagram
– End of arm bolt patter

– More…

The Arcmate 120iC is a versatile robot specifically designed for mig welding applications. The ArcMate 120iC’s rigid design and servo motors make it highly accurate while reducing weld times. The 120iC mig welding robot comes with a Fanuc R30iA controller. The ArcMate 120iC features the hollow arm design to allow the torch cables and hoses from interfering with the robot’s movement, increasing the flexibility and tight weld areas. This robot has a reach of 1811mm, which makes it perfect for many mig welding applications. The Fanuc ArcMate also comes in models such as 100iC, 100iC 7L, 120ic 12L.

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