FANUC M-900iA 350 Robot

With R30iA Controller

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Fanuc M-900iA is available in the following variations/configurations:



  • Software: SpotTool or Material Handling
  • Included Software Options: Dual Check Safety (DCS), Collision Guard, DeviceNet, or Ethernet IP (depending on robot)
  • Capacity: 350kg
  • Reach: 2650mm
  • Power: 480 Volts; 3 Phase; 18 amps
  • Robot Weight: 1720kg
  • Controller Weight: 380kg

Click here for complete Fanuc M-900iA Specs, including:
– Technical data
– Work envelope
– Mounting requirements/diagram
– End of arm bolt pattern



Additional information


The Fanuc M-900iA series robot is designed and engineered for precise, heavy payload high-speed operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. This six-axis electric servo-driven robot is designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes.

The Fanuc M-900iA series has excellent wrist moments and inertial that meet a variety of heavy handling challenges, with proven and reliable servo drives that provide the highest uptime and productivity. The Stationary outer arm simplifies hose and cable dressout and prolongs service life. The M-900iA’s slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals and allow operation in confined spaces. The rugged IP67 rated wrist design performs reliably, even in the harshest manufacturing environments.
A camera for iRvision can be integrated into the robot for vision guidance and error-proofing applications. Robust mechanical design reduces downtime, increases mean time between failures, and minimizes spare part requirements. High inertia mode software allows the handling of very large parts with a minimum cycle time penalty.

We test every robot we sell so we know that robotic systems our customers are receiving are in perfect working condition.

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