FANUC M-900iA 260L

R30iA Controller
Hours: 8,200 +/- 1,500
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Condition: USED -Tested and in good working condition


Software: HandlingTool or SpoTool
Capacity: 260KG
Reach: 3100mm
Power: 480 Volts; 3 Phase; 18 amps
Robot Weight: 1800kg
Controller Weight: 380kg
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Weight 6200 lbs
Fanuc M-900iA/260L

The Fanuc M-900iA 260L robot is designed for a heavy payload with an extended reach. The M-900iA 260L has a lifting capacity of 260kg and a reach of 3100mm. These are clean, late model, low hour systems that come complete with controller, cables, and teach pendants. Leoni dress packages are available. All our systems are tested to ensure each system is in great working condition.
The Fanuc M-900iA series robot is designed and engineered for precise, heavy payload/high-speed operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. The Fanuc M-900iA series is a six-axis, electric servo-driven robot designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes.
M-900iA models are available in the following configurations:
M-900iA/350 – stand reach, 350kg payload, floor, ceiling, or angle mount
M-900iA/260L – long reach, 260kg payload, floor, ceiling, or angle mount
M-900iA/600 – standard reach, 600kg payload, floor mount
M-900iA/400L – long reach, 400kg payload, floor mount
The Fanuc M-900iA series has excellent wrist moments and inertial that meet a variety of heavy handling challenges. With its proven and reliable servo drives that provide the highest uptime and productivity. The Stationary outer arm simplifies hose and cable dressout and prolongs service life. The M-900iA’s slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals and allow operation in confined spaces. The rugged IP67 rated wrist design performs reliably, even in the harshest manufacturing environments. A camera for iRvision can be integrated into the robot for vision guidance and error-proofing applications. Robust mechanical design reduces downtime, increases mean time between failures, and minimizes spare part requirements. High inertia mode software allows the handling of very large parts with a minimum cycle time penalty.

R30iA Controller

Fanuc R30iA Controller Features
The Fanuc R30iA controller uses advanced technology packed in a proven, reliable, and efficient design. Process capability and open architecture features provide intelligence to improve application and motion performance while simplifying system integration. The Fanuc R-30iA controller incorporates Fanuc Robotics unique “Plug-In Options” concept, which gives flexibility for application-specific configurations while maintaining a commonality for all users of the system.
The R30iA controller runs on FANUC operating system, which allows for faster start-ups, higher data security, and ease of use. Advanced communication allows for simple down and upload of robot programs. Additional communication includes built-in Ethernet, Fanuc I/O-link, and optional Fieldbus (PROFIBUS~DEVICENET~CCLINK). Advanced, I/O features, allow the robot to communicate and control the external end of arm tooling, grippers, and devices. I/0 is also used for communicating with external machines such as CNC for loading and unloading parts. The controller offers various programming possibilities such as the standard TPE (Teach pendant editor) way of programming, advanced offline programming options such as using ROBOGUIDE, or KAREL. The R30iA controller uses FANUC iPendant, which is an intelligent teach pendant and is available as an option. Touch screen is available as an option. Additional controller options include DCS Dual Check Safety, Collision Guard, iRVision, and EtherNetIP, just to name a few.