Fanuc A20B-3300-0687 CPU Card SDRAM 64Mbyte – R30iB


Fanuc A20B-3300-0687
CPU Card SDRAM 64Mbyte


  • This CPU card is an option that may be installed horizontally to the Main PCB for Fanuc R-30iB and R-30iB Plus Controllers:
  • See “Related Parts” for additional card options
  • See Fig 4.1 (in product photos) for card and module locations on the Main Board
    • Or see R-30iB Main PCB Card & Module Reference Guide for more information


Related Parts:

CPU Card Options:
A20B-3300-0686 (SDRAM 32Mbyte)
A20B-3300-0688 (SDRAM 128Mbyte)

FROM/SRAM Module Options
A20B-3900-0297 (FROM 32M/ SRAM 1M)
A20B-3900-0298 (FROM 32M/ SRAM 2M)
A20B-3900-0299 (FROM 32M/ SRAM 3M)
A20B-3900-0286 (FROM 64M/ SRAM 1M)
A20B-3900-0287 (FROM 64M/ SRAM 2M)
A20B-3900-0288 (FROM 64M/ SRAM 3M)
A20B-3900-0280 (FROM 128M/ SRAM 1M)
A20B-3900-0281 (FROM 128M/ SRAM 2M)
A20B-3900-0282 (FROM 128M/ SRAM 3M)

Axis Control Card Options:
A20B-3300-0664 (6-Axis)
A20B-3300-0663 (12-Axis)
A20B-3300-0662 (18-Axis)
A20B-3300-0661 (24-Axis)
A20B-3300-0660 (36-Axis)

Main Board Options:
A16B-3200-0730 (Standard Option)
A16B-3200-0731 (Force Sensor Option)

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